CROSS#CONTACTS BERLIN is a brand experience agency acting as the link between brands, people and urban culture.
As a creative network of communication and event experts we create custom-tailored concepts and brand strategies that unite the digital and analogue world, delivering real life content that people will want to share! Our focus lies in content marketing, but we strongly believe that people are more than target groups and do not think in channels. People are interested in stories which they naturally spread when they are relevant to them. Our services for brands are built on establishing an authentic network of contacts, from opinion leaders to CEOs, creators and potential talents, developing individual concepts, producing and implementing digitally relevant content and creating experiences that turn consumers into brand contributors. We are a small and flexible agency – and we like it that way. We constantly recruit and invite new people from our creative network to collaborate with us. Bringing the right people together and creating an inspiring and collaborative setting for them to work together is what we do best.
CROSS#CONTACTS is a family business and the intellectual property of Daniel and Claudia. Combining their social networks, curiosity, knowledge, creativity and years of experience in the industry, they share work and family life – and know when to separate the two.
what we do


We conceptualise experiences, from exclusive store openings, events in off-locations, club tours and incentives to interactive roadshows and workshops. We create brand experiences and inspire people through live communication. Because we believe that positive emotions attach consumers to brands long term. We stage events that surprise and inspire while delivering memorable experiences. Our background in and knowledge of Germany's creative scene allows us to interact with the audience at eye level. We’re a multi-talented team of professionals who always keep track of the latest trends in photography, motion graphics, videography, and postproduction. Through our network of makers & creators, opinion leaders & designers, we create unique and emotional experiences, real-time experiences that actively integrate the audience and make their brand-experience measurable.

We love out-of-home campaigns and have a deep passion for street art. With the city as our playground, we shape the future of urbanity. For casual interactions. For real emotions. For brands with identity and vision. We consider ourselves as bridge between vision and reality and we love that out-of-home campaigns can exceed the standard of any other advertisement tools. Our work is always of the moment, forward-facing and above all measurable. Our core competence includes the design and printing of all kinds as well as expressive teaser clips and making of videos.

We build products that deliver broadcast quality content - fast. We streamline and implement the capturing, post-production and social sharing of all of our projects. Our mix of technical know-how, creative execution and on-point delivery, makes it easy for us to realise highly inventive and complex ideas, partnering with brands and agencies to deliver unique and original experiences by developing and executing social media strategies and content such as music videos, animations, storyboards, video podcasts, video loops, commercials, interviews and event documentations.



We believe in collaboration and synergies by animating people to share their personal experiences. Our heart beats for lifestyle, music, art, fashion and design. We offer brand consultancy through innovative solutions in cooperations, brand strategies, social media and multi-channel communications, bringing together brands and their audience across all channels and platforms. Our approach to social is one of curiosity and intrigue and that's why our products will bring your ideas to life.